Get to know us

Welcome to MilkToast Brands, where joy and convenience meet in a burst of color and a dash of humor! We're not just a company; we're your go-to source for smiles, giggles, and daily ease. Born from a love of laughter and a passion for practicality, we specialize in creating unique gag gifts, luxurious bath bombs, snarky gift bags, and stylish, comfortable dog carriers. You can say we're anything but milquetoast.

Our mission

Our mission is simple yet profound: to spark joy in every aspect of your life. Whether it's through a hilariously unexpected gag gift that leaves your friends in stitches, a soothing bath bomb that melts away the stress of the day, or a snarky gift bag that says what you're thinking with a wink, we're here to add a sprinkle of fun to your routine. And for your furry friends, our dog carriers are designed not just for style but for comfort, making every trip a happy and hassle-free experience for both of you.

Our vision

We believe that happiness is in the little things – a well-timed joke, a relaxing bath, or a walk with your beloved pet. Our products are crafted with this belief in mind, ensuring that they don't just meet your expectations but delightfully surpass them. Join us in our journey of spreading joy, one quirky product at a time!

Our team

Alice Vaughn


woman smiling wearing denim jacket
woman smiling wearing denim jacket
Jessica Kim

Photographer & Video Editor